Rowland Reveals Her Road Ahead

Shadow Minister for Communication, Michelle Rowland addressed the Sydney Institute last Thursday to raise issues about media regulation and issues within the public broadcasting space.

Her speech highlighted many issues that are faced by media organisations under the current coalition government, particularly those faced by the community television sector.

"Community television is more than just a local broadcaster" she states, underlining the importance of community tv in todays society.

"It is a training pathway for future screen practitioners, including people with disability; a tertiary institution partner for student coursework; and a local production facility for local councils and community groups, among other things."

Rowland continued by emphasising "the effort this Government has gone to, to wreck and undermine some of these platforms and to destroy the value and potential they hold", citing the idea to "send community TV over-the-top, to an online delivery model, without enough time to make the transition."

Her speech further accentuated the "need [for] strong and vibrant... community broadcasters [to] ensure diversity in our media voices."

Rowland also stated that community TV "contribute[s] to the creative industries, including the screen production sector", bringing it in line with other national broadcasters such as the ABC and SBS.

It's always nice to see some love for the community broadcasting sector, and we thank Michelle Rowland for her kind words!

If you'd like to listen to the speech in its entirety, you can listen to it on the Sydney Institute's podcast here

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